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The Living Language of the Stone Age

(Eurasia’s proto- Nostratic Language)
by Csaba Varga, 2003 / 2009 to order from the author: csvarga @

All languages of Eurasia and some aboriginal languages in America contain more or less remnants of the archaic, so-called “proto-nostratic” language, the first(?) one of humanity, the language of the Stone-Age, of prehistoric times.

Our culture, customs and religions are the product of this archaic culture, the creator of this language.

The author invites you to explore this archaic but up-to-date language.

One of the most impressive recognition in the book is that the “word of the Stone Age is a picture” (1,2,1). Those early ancestors told pictures to each other, loudly expressed pictures or movements.

This book states in detail that in Europe the Hungarian language preserved most correctly, practically unchanged, this archaic language and its way of thinking as a living petrifaction. In one chapter, the reader can learn how big a treasury of this archaic language the Latin is.(1,2,2)

Further of interest is the presentation of the written numbers of the ancestors and the recognition that the naming of our numbers (1,2,3) is rooted in early prehistoric time.

We can take a delight in the sight of the 15 thousand years old picture show. (1,2,4) Women, men and children are tastefully dressed and shaved accordingly.

Finally we get some explanations about, why the archaic culture broke (4) and could not recover fully up to our time.

The Living Language
of the Stone Age

Anima Könyv:
The Living Language of the Stone Age
(Eurasia’s Nostratic Language)
by Csaba Varga 2003 / 2009


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