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Prehistoric Picture Show

Around fifty years ago Leon Pencard, French scientist found 1500 stone plates full of drawings in the cave of La Marche. The pictures were copied onto paper, but the finds landed in the storage of the local museum.

Finally, prof.Michael Rappenglück from Munich publicized the pictures. The pictures show mostly animals, but on 155 of them human faces and clothing are visible.

The people belonging to these portraits do not look wild and do not wear animal hides. Most probably, they were city dwellers, shaving daily or having a tended beard. There were fashioned hairdos and capes.

The pictures show individual characters. You cannot invent such unique characters, not as many. Living persons must have been behind every one of them. A really gifted and well-educated artist drew the pictures. It would not matter at all, if he or she had copied the pictures from somewhere else. Somebody could say, the pictures were made 3,000 or just 70 years ago and hidden in the cave. We can say no for two reasons: The finds are 15,000 years old, proven by the usual scientific dating method.









The Living Language
of the Stone Age

Anima Könyv:
The Living Language of the Stone Age
(Eurasia’s Nostratic Language)
by Csaba Varga 2003 / 2009


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