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The letter collection (LC)

Signs collected from different artifacts of the last 35.000 years.

* * *

Found in Mas’d Azil.

* * *

Some signs of the old-Egyptian demotic alphabet.

* * *

The “ancient Hungarian” attributive in the enumeration left is confusing.

Generally, early records refer to this alphabet as Szekely-Hungarian,

Hunnish-Szekely, Hunnish-Szekely-Hungarian, Hunnish-Scythian.

As this alphabet is fashioned to fit the Hungarian language, just like the  Ancient Greek alphabet fits the Greek-, the Aramaic alphabet the Aramaic-, and the Latin alphabet the Latin language, it is reasonable that instead of the many kinds of old definitions, I call the alphabet fashioned for the Hungarian language the “Hungarian alphabet.”  The more so because the modern Latin alphabet used in Hungary today, is quite a latecomer in Hungarian history.

With this name-simplification I also want to stress that in this book the political maps and the present day-centered approach were given no role.

From the signs of the enumerated four alphabets at the left I mainly Consider those that appear at least in two alphabets. With a couple of exceptions.

The above series comes together after the contraction of the four alphabets:

This is the Hypothetic alphabet, the HA, and from now on I will correlate all
newly found signs with the above.

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Anima Könyv:


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