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It is a numeral beyond doubt

Many other different signs of numerals
have been found in Lascaux:

Writing numerals in Mesopotamia 10.000 years ago:

It is very informative to compare the 17.000 years old numbers from Lascaux with some of the numbers found in the Transylvanian salt mines. There are even identical numbers. This can happen by using the same system and numerals of writing (Writing the number 3451 today will look the same everywhere in the world using an identical numeric system).

Lascaux 17.000 years ago Transylvania, beginning of the 20-th Century

It is remarkable that this kind of numeral writing was until recently used in Transylvania, where the archaic runic writing has been sporadically used even today (See the Chapter “The Hungarian alphabet and the Hungarian way of writing”). The same numeral writing was used in ancient Egypt and in China, but the Chinese drew perpendicular lines instead of dots.

The Living Language
of the Stone Age

Anima Könyv:
The Living Language of the Stone Age
(Eurasia’s Nostratic Language)
by Csaba Varga 2003 / 2009

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Anima Könyv:


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